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Amor-ish (Int) - Simon Ward/Paul Snooke

Giving You Up (Int) - Grace David/Jef Camps

The Captain (Imp) - Josh Talbot

Raising Hell  (Imp) - Helen O'Malley

Truth Be Told (Int) - Maddison Glover

Sadness  (Adv) - Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever

Secrets We Keep (Int) - Shane McKeeveGuillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen - Rrevised

Bittersweet Memory (Int) - Ria Vos - Revised

Toot Toot (Beg) - Linda Burgess

Eyes For You (Imp) - Jo Thompson Szymanski - Revised

Beautiful Girl (Imp) - Tom Glover - Revised

Country In 3 - (Int) - Maddison Glover, Michele Burton, Jo Thompson Szymanski

Black Dresses - (Int) - Michael Barr -- Revised

Playing With Matches (High Int)  - Travis Taylor

Brings You Happiness (Imp) - Stephen Paterson

Champagne On Ice (Int) - MVL - Revised

In A Moment (Int) - Thomas O'Dwyer - Revised

Makes Me Wonder (Int) - Heather Barton

Reminiscence (Int) - Simon Ward - Revised

Sex Bomb (Int) - Chris Watson - Revised

Lay Low (imp) - Darren Baily - Revised 

Down To One (E/Int) - Kevin Formosa

Get Ready To Ride (Adv) - Mark FurnellChris GoddenMatt Lewis & Ray Jones 

Perfect Memory (Int) - Josh Talbot

Money in My Pocket (int) - Willie Brown & Jean-Pierre Madge

Pretty Damn Good (Int) - Lu Olsen/Linda Burgess

Validation (Int) - Simon Ward

Loyal Brave True (Int) - Rob Fowler

I've Sen It All (Int) - Gary O'Reilly

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